How To Get Whatsapp for Mac: The Definitive Guide

Let’s face it iMessage is better than Whatsapp from a user experience perspective. The problem with iMessage is that it’s only compatible with Apple devices. That means with Whatsapp, you can literally use it on every phone. From Android phones to iPhones to Windows 10 phones, you name it! Not everyone is using iPhones as of 2017, so iMessage becomes useless if you wanted to chat with a friend who is an Android fanatic. Same goes in the business world. Even Donald Trump himself is using two phones, one iPhone and one Android. Whatsapp for Mac will be necessary in this case if you had to chat to non-Apple users.

Secondly, Whatsapp provides a secure end-to-end encryption layer when communicating with other people. That means every message you sent is encrypted. And yeah, iMessage does offer encryption as well. But Apple is not using the end-to-end encryption that Whatsapp boasts about. Apple keeps the encryption keys to the user’s iCloud backup, not the user.

Besides encryption, Whatsapp allows broadcasting a message to up to 250 other people in one single conversation. 10 people are the limit on iMessage, which is enough from a practical point of view. Yet, I do know many friends that would love to chat to more than 10 people simultaneously. And, let’s not even dive into the marketing world. Business people crave for this feature. Whatsapp is powerful.

None of this nonsense now. You came here to find out how to get Whatsapp on your Mac.

How To Get Whatsapp for Mac: Whatsapp for Browser

To accommodate desktop users, Whatsapp launched its own version for web browser compatibility. You simply have to authenticate your phone with a QR code, and you are set to go!

The only drawback is that you have to authenticate every time you have to use Whatsapp, which can be a nuisance at times. (Update: Whatsapp allows you to check the “Keep me signed in” option.)

It’s pretty useful if you have to access your Whatsapp from a public computer, the library or your school for example. Most of the time you cannot install any applications on a public computer. Whatsapp for Web makes it convenient.

1. Go to ‘Whatsapp for Web’ site

Go to Whatsapp for Web link. (or type it in

You will then be prompted to a page with a QR code, waiting to be authenticated. The QR code refreshes after some time. So, it is wise to verify your phone immediately, rather than looking at a couple of memes on Facebook. Memes for later, they can wait! QR code, not so…

2. Grab your phone now and go to your Whatsapp app (no puns intended)


Once on your Whatsapp app, go to the app settings and you should see something like the above image. Next, tap the option “WhatsApp Web/Desktop”.

3. Tap on “Scan QR Code”

Next, you will see this interface. Here you can log out from every computer virtually if you ever forget to log out manually.

As you are most likely new to Whatsapp for Web, you will not see your latest activity. Tap “Scan QR Code”.

4. Place your phone to target the QR code

I remember when QR code were a hassle to scan as old phone cameras were not so clear. When you have a phone like the iPhone 7, you don’t even need to focus. It just instantly triggers when you pass by it.

5. Success: Go back to your Whatsapp for Web

You will see something like this when everything is verified and authenticated by the QR code. Chats will appear in the white blank space.


How to get Whatsapp for Mac: Third-party apps

If you don’t like the fact that you have to go on your browser to access Whatsapp, so be it. I’m just kidding… You can definitely use third-party applications that you can install and access directly from your computer. I prefer this method better as you can access it immediately by a single click from your dock (taskbar). Also, if you have to delete your browser’s history and cache, you will have to re-authenticate Whatsapp for Web again. For those reasons, I like Whatsapp on your desktop. It’s your choice.

You will have to authenticate only once, and never have to worry about scanning your QR code ever again. The only drawback is that you will have to install it on your computer. Otherwise, it’s the most convenient way to use Whatsapp for Mac.

There exists a ton of apps for Whatsapp. From paid to free. Don’t worry I’ll save your money. I find paid apps for Whatsapp utterly useless. The main differences between paid and free are simply the features. Yes, a simple add-on like a quick reply without leaving what you’re doing will cost you about $0.99 USD.

FreeChat for Whatsapp is what I use to message people. As the app name boasts, it’s a free app. Hooray! You are free to choose other Mac applications, but we will solely focus on this.

1. Download the WhatsApp Desktop on the Mac App Store


Go ahead to the Mac App Store and search for ‘WhatsApp Desktop’ by WhatsApp Inc.

Click on the Get button and then Install app.

2.  Scan your QR code


3.  Tap on ‘WhatsApp Web/Desktop’


3.  Tap on ‘WhatsApp Web/Desktop’

4.  Place your phone carefully to scan the QR code

5.  Success!

whatsapp copy



Choosing between which applications you want to use is ultimately your choice. If you hate using Whatsapp on your browser, then Whatsapp for Desktop would be the best option. As you directly access Whatsapp from your computer, Whatsapp for Desktop is helpful.

Whatsapp for Web would only be necessary if you had to access Whatsapp temporarily, for example in a library or any other public environments in my opinion.

What is your preference? Whatsapp for Web or for Desktop? Let me know in the comments below.

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